The Importance of Rocking Your Child!

Has it been a day that you never want to partake in again?  You spilled your coffee on your shirt, dropped the cereal on the floor, tripped walking down the porch steps, the gas light came on and you were stuck in traffic, broke your heel racing back to work from lunch and Maddie had a fever when you picked her up from day care. Whew and now it’s time to pick up Matthew from soccer practice, cook dinner, and wash a load of towels so the kids can take a bath, but wait…Maddie needs Tylenol for her fever. Ugh…We have all had days like these. After an intense day like this who wants to take an extra 20 minutes keeping the kids up just to spend some bonding time with them if they could be asleep? Who has time to rock their 2 and 4 year old for 20 minutes on a day like this? Well, a parent that can make time to bond with their child is a parent that will have better communication and relationships with the kids later on.

It is a proven fact that children who are rocked 15-20 minutes a day has a more intimate relationship with their parents, siblings, friends and adults. This rocking time is great to have a soft talk, quiet relaxing music, calm down time and just good quality time with the children. The sensation of rocking helps relax the children and builds a bond with the parent. Also, this is something you and your child will remember when they are older. It is a great memory to instill in your child’s mind. Embrace these moments and make positive communication during these special times, daily.

Parents, rock your children until at least the age of 4. If you can continue it until age 5, that is great.  After the age of 5 you can begin a different nightly routine to grow the relationship with you and your child. But for now, ROCK your child. It helps them build trust and intimacy with you as a parent! So go out and buy an old rocking chair, turn on some calming music, have some quiet communication, relax with your children and rock your way into Raising Better Kids!

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